A meaningful project

Aux trois sentiers will forge a new path to meet a fundamental need among ageing population. By participating in the project, you become an ally in the cause and make a real difference to patients at the end of life and their loved ones. Make a donation today or contact us to find out more.

Development plan

April 30, 2021

Creation of Aux trois sentiers – Palliactive Care

Financial arrangements $1.3M required for launch (Paths 1 and 2)
2023 - 2024
Launch of RRU and support for caregivers (Paths 1 and 2)
2025 - 2028

Investment $5 to $8M Building the care home (Path 3)

2028 - 2030

Investment of $2 to $3M Innovative outpatient centre (Path 3)

Stage 1

Launch of Paths 1 and 2

Paths 1

Rapid Response Unit (RRU)

  • Care team consisting of nurses, nursing assistants, physicians and attendants
  • Assessment of specific needs to determine the death plan
  • Provision of care and regular visits during the last moments of life including evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Registered medical record (RMR) and care dashboard

Paths 2

Support and accompaniment for informal or family caregivers

  • Team composed of a head of complementary care and care providers for informal or family caregivers
  • Involvement of caregivers in needs assessment and care pathway
  • Respite services and care for families (social work, massage therapy, music therapy, spiritual support, etc.)

Innovative home care

Installation of ultrasound-guided central and peripheral venous access at home:

  • Training program for all healthcare staff
  • Simulation workshop

Involvement of physicians specialized in end-of-life care at home – Palliative anesthesiology. Subspecialty in end-of-life pain management at home:

  • Neuraxial techniques
  • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Sedative infusions / intravenous analgesics
  • Evaluation and administration of medical assistance in dying

Wherever we’re needed

The greater the population density, the greater the supply must be to meet the needs.

Despite being the two largest cities in Quebec, Montréal and Laval have the fewest end-of-life patients being treated at home.

Aux trois sentiers – Palliactive Care will initially serve Montréal in complementarity with existing organizations.

Nights – Weekends – Public holidays Covering periods outside of regular hours so that dying patients and their loved ones are not forced to call an ambulance or go to the emergency room at the end of life.

Resources required

Human resources
Healthcare staff and administration

Budget: $980,000

  • Nurses (24/7)
  • Nursing assistants (7 nights)
  • Physicians (24/7 on call)
  • Attendants (7 evenings or nights)
  • Coordinator in complementary care for caregivers (35 hours / 5 days)
  • Professionals in various complementary care for caregivers (10 hours / 7 days)
  • Administrative resources (5 days)

Material resources
Supplies and equipment

Budget: $315,000

  • Medical supplies (elastomeric pumps, catheters, tubing, disinfection equipment, etc.)
  • Portable ultrasound equipment (venous line installation)
  • Medication (sedatives, analgesics, MAID kits, etc.)
  • Computer systems (registered medical records, care management system, telemedicine equipment, etc.)

Overall budget: $ 1,3 M

For a Rapid Response Unit (RRU) that can serve between 200 and 300 patients per year

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